Cure for the Monday Blues – Freedom!

There is a only one cure for the Monday Blues – FREEDOM!

If you suffer from Monday Blues week after week, it’s likely because you work for someone else, have to deal with office politics, are cooped up in an office all day, bored with with your job and you just dread reliving more of the same.

It’s no wonder! As humans, freedom is our natural innate desire.

How to Create Freedom:

  1. Realize that you were born with a gift, a talent, a specialty that you have the responsibility of sharing with the world.  You know exactly what it is;
  2. Realize that your gift has VALUE to others and you do not have to give it away for free;
  3. Realize that you have the ability to create your own reality.  If you have the point of view that the mediocre life you are living is the card that life dealt you, you will create that reality.  However, if you have the point of view that you have a greater purpose and you have value to share with the world, you will create that reality.
  4. Make a Decision. Decide that you want Freedom.
  5. Take Action.  Take the steps necessary to move you in the direction of freedom. Research Opportunities , Plan, Set Goals, Make Connections, Test Ideas, Share Ideas with Others, and Do whatever it takes.

Get rid of the Monday Blues – Start living the life you have been dreaming about.




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Change Your Life in 30 Days – Start a 30 Day Challenge

What if you could change your life in 30 days? What would you do? People always make resolutions but the problem is they don’t stick to them. The advantages of a 30-day challenge is that you are committed to making the changes within a specific period of time. The benefits of starting a 30-day challenge is that you are focused on a specific area of your life that you want to improve and dedicate to doing it daily over a 30-day period, which creates a habit that you may continue long after the 30 days are over.

Select one or two things on the list and stick it.  I strongly suggest documenting your daily progress either in a journal or a blog. This will keep you accountable.

Here are 100 ideas for your 30 Day Challenge.

  1. Carve out time to Meditate or pray for at least 15-30 minutes daily.
  2. Create a motivational video daily and post it to your Youtube, blog, or Facebook.
  3. Start a passion blog and write in it daily.
  4. Start a weight loss program that really works and stick with it for 30 days.
  5. Listen to a personal development audio daily.
  6. Listen to a mediation audio for 30 minutes a day.
  7. Learn and practice driving traffic to your website daily.
  8. Create a daily digital photo album of memories.
  9. Watch an hour less of television.
  10. Listen to the daily Think and Grow Rich Call.
  11. Get a Yoga DVD and implement a daily routine.
  12. Learn something new daily. Watch an educational webinar on the internet.
  13. Read from a personal development book for 30 minutes everyday.
  14. Practice a musical instrument for 30 minutes.
  15. Guard your thoughts.  Wear a thick rubber band on your wrist. Every time you have a negative thought, snap the rubber band. Replace it with a positive one.
  16. Practice being fully aware of the present moment. Become aware of all of your senses and allow yourself to experience all of the sensory feedback.
  17. Start a blog in your niche and write in it daily.
  18. Make a list of 10 or more affirmations, with your hands over your heart, declare them out loud daily.
  19. Take a ride on your bike. Increase your time daily and take a different route every time.
  20. Save $1 each day for 30 days to develop a habit of saving. At the end of the month deposit it in an Emergency Fund Savings account.
  21. Keep a journal of your thoughts and plans regularly.
  22. Organize your closets, cabinets, drawers one section one day at a time.
  23. Create an idea for an ebook and finish the ebook.
  24. Establish a routine for some “alone time” to reflect and plan.
  25. Give someone a compliment each day and ask how their day has been.
  26. Create a new Facebook post every day that enlightens others.
  27. Keep your car cleaned out of clutter for 30 days.
  28. Act on incoming mail immediately, then dump or file.
  29. Listen to a meditation audio to stop smoking or drinking.
  30. Save all loose change from your pockets and put them in a Fun Jar. Treat yourself to something at the end of the month.
  31. Text a motivational message to a different friend everyday.
  32. Ask someone on a social outing that you have never asked before.
  33. Buy or rent a violin or instrument you’ve never played and practice daily until you’ve mastered it.
  34. Clean out a different small corner of your home or office daily.
  35. Read your Bible or other inspirational book.
  36. Abstain from all junk food and sodas for 30 days.
  37. Eat only veggies for 30 days to see how you feel as a vegan.
  38. Smile at everyone you meet.
  39. Volunteer to help one person a day.
  40. Take your vitamins every day, instead of once in awhile.
  41. List one way to organize your life every day.
  42. Recycle all plastics, paper, and other recyclable products.
  43. Keep up with all spending for 30 days, down the last cent then analyze how you spend the money.
  44. Visit a new interesting or educational website each day.  Write about what you learned and implement it.
  45. Floss your teeth everyday.
  46. Walk 30 minutes everyday.
  47. Throw away junk and loose papers.
  48. Revisit things you liked in your childhood and dwell on things you used to enjoy.
  49. Avoid sweets and processed sugars.
  50. Cook in and don’t eat out for 30 days and see how much money you save.
  51. Burn candles or potpourri in your home or office and see how it elevates your mood.
  52. Toss out something you do not use regularly or don’t need – one thing per day.
  53. Make a list of something you want when you can “afford” them.
  54. Work on a project you’ve been neglecting and keep at it until you get it done.
  55. Read or write a poem a day.  Reflect and write about what it means to you.
  56. Write down “thoughts for the day” and post one on Facebook daily.
  57. Record in a journal 30 titles and ideas for ebooks you could sell on Amazon.
  58. Focus on one characteristic about yourself which you like everyday.
  59. Write down one thing a day you are thankful for.
  60. Listen to a new song everyday.
  61. Write lyrics to a new song everyday.
  62. Join a fitness gym and stick with it for 30 days.
  63. Remind yourself to think only positive thoughts for 30 days.
  64. Don’t buy anything new for one month and see how much money you saved.
  65. Scour the web for online coupons every day and print them out.
  66. Write 300 words per day about a topic of your choice.
  67. Perform one cleaning routine each day in your house.
  68. Avoid caffeine for one month and drink green tea instead.
  69. Do a mind teaser, crossword puzzle, word search, etc. each day.
  70. Watch movies with no violence or negative imagery for 30 days.
  71. Save extra money from your coffee fund to help someone in need.
  72. Look for coupons and savings certificates from the paper every day.
  73. Buy only things you need for a month.
  74. Practice a new skill that will help you do better on your job.
  75. Sell one different item from your garage or house on ebay or craigslist each day for a month.
  76. Start your day one hour earlier than usual every day.
  77. Cut out credit by paying cash for everything for one month.
  78. Put aside a little money every day to pay off a debt.
  79. Make “TO DO” list of important things and follow through.  Add unfinished to your next day.
  80. Write down one thing you like about your partner each day.
  81. Observe nature each day and record what you see.
  82. Take a short video clip of something interesting each day.
  83. Finish a neck scarf by stitching 3 rows per day.
  84. Take a picture a different person each day and try to capture their mood.
  85. Open a curtain and let the sunshine in.
  86. Think of different ways to save energy in your house.
  87. Do relaxation exercises every day.
  88. Start a new hobby and work on it daily.
  89. Write down something good you like about your life.
  90. Listen to mood music that lifts your spirits.
  91. Watch a new program each day.
  92. Take a power nap every day to recharge.
  93. Start a garden and tend to it daily.
  94. Invent 30 new ways to change your life, practicing one per day.

As you embark on your 30 day journey, remember one small step at a time is all it takes. Practice your routine daily on the thing you’d like to change and you will succeed.

To join us on our 30 day challenge, visit us online and sign up. Change your life by choosing a challenge. You’ll have lots of support in a Facebook group where others will share their results. Take the 30 day challenge with us and win!

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I joined Empower Network over a year ago and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!  I’m so excited by the difference it made in my business that I’m compelled to share why I love this opportunity with you.

Empower Network is a simple program and I love that you get a complete, ready-made site equipped with all the bells and whistles needed to jump start your blog! My favorite part of the site is the lead capturing page that helps to keep your sales funnel full and convert these leads into prospects. And in addition to using Empower Network to help market your business, you can also choose to invest in additional EN products that you can sell to make even more money! Who doesn’t love two ways to make money from their blog?

What impressed me the most about the Empower Network opportunity was the 100% commission program. Nowhere else have I been able to find an affiliate marketing company that pays 100% commission like Empower Network. And, there is no waiting for your commission checks. You earn your commission IMMEDIATELY!

Empower Network has established their amazing “Powerline” pay plan that is second to none! When you refer customers to Empower Network, you keep 100% of the sales from referrals 1, 3 and 5, and sales from referrals 2, 4, and 6 and every 5th referral after that go to your sponsor. By doing this, your sponsor is keenly invested in your success and that of your referrals and he or she will work to keep all of you motivated to stay on the right track! Can you name another affiliate network that pays you 100% commission?

But what I found more valuable than the blog site and the earning potential was the opportunity to work with Master Marketer David Wood.  His rags to riches story of going from living in a van to a home in Costa Rica is so inspiring, and he shares these secrets to his success with Empower Network affiliates too! He is so motivating and we are lucky to learn from this marketing genius and grow our mind and way of thinking!

To find out more about taking your business and blog to the next level, generating more leads, and making more MONEY, click here to learn more about Empower Network.

You too might find your success goes beyond growing your business and your bank account! It just might grow your mind too!



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